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15.09 2017 09:31

Light Up For Mito 16 September

In the evening of Saturday 16.9., Finlandia-house, SkyWheel Helsinki, Helsinki City Theatre and Tampere Hall will join a global Ligh-Up-for-Mito campaign, where almost a hundred national monuments, including Niagara Falls, Colosseum and Sagrada Familia will shine green.  This international campaign raises awareness of mitochondrial disease.  These disorders may manifest as nervous system, muscle, heart or liver disease, and have no curative treatments. About 200.000 people in Europe suffer from mitochondrial disease, which are still poorly known among public or health professionals.

The Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week will continue 17.–22 September, with information delivery and events on the topic. On 8.11. the “Doctor Musicians on Stage”-event highlights mitochondrial diseases. The campaign raises funding for peer-support of patients and for high-profile research of disease causes, aiming to develop treatment.

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