• Arvo (3rd floor), Arvo Ylpön katu 34, 33520 Tampere, Finland

About FinMIT - Centre of Excellence in Research on Mitochondria, Metabolism and Disease

FinMIT’s research groups aim to derive new knowledge about the structure, function and regulation of mitochondria, and use this to develop novel strategies for therapy of mitochondrial disorders.

FinMIT includes four closely integrated research teams. The teams are led by Howy Jacobs, Brendan Battersby, Kirsi Pietiläinen and Anu Wartiovaara.

FinMIT's groups are highly international. Most of its scientists have either relocated to Finland from abroad, or have conducted part of their own research training abroad. FinMIT doctoral graduates typically go on to postdoctoral training in other countries, in order to develop their own research careers. The research of FinMIT is supported by many national and international agencies including, notably, the Academy of Finland, the European Union and the Juselius Foundation.